Password strength meter

We're designing a login UI for built on common sense and simple technology. Reply to Two concepts are shown.

----------VERSION 1--------------------------

Create a Password


Realtime updating password-strength meter:
POOR: Anything you type into the box above is a poor choice for a password, because you are going to use in on other websites no matter how many times we make you change it or how many times we tell you not to.

----------VERSION 2--------------------------

Choose a new Password

Please select your new password from one of the choices below:


EXCELLENT: We can be sure you are not using this password on any other website. Also, we can be sure that computers wont guess it, even if Russia or some other nation tries hacking in (again). You can write this on a post-it, or remember it... we don't care. But if you want advice, maybe consider a password manager or something.