iCloud interface case study: How to only show reminders

Stop using Google Tasks, switch to Apple Reminders

The result is clear: Apple releases a new product with one sexy new feature and a better interface but it's not compatible with any Google products, Google is left in the dust. Next year Google will copy all the innovation and Apple won't improve anything.

Google Tasks Apple Reminders
Can input tasks, due dates, reminders Can input tasks, due dates, reminders, and location based reminders
Switching task lists requires two clicks (Google Calendar & iPhone web page)Can view all task lists at once (iCal) or swipe to switch lists (iPhone)
Can view tasks online at (looks better than Apple)Can view tasks online at (interface sucks)
Viewable on iPhone through slow websiteViewable on iPhone with fast app
Integrates with Gmail and Google CalendarIntegrates with iCal
Printing looks retarded, one page per list (can print from link above)Printing looks semi-retarded, but you can print all lists at once using iCal
Will copy all Apple's features and improve, somedayWon't ever improve their product and will never sync with Google


You can view the reminders online at, but it bothers you will a full size calendar in the middle of the screen. To fix that, use this bookmarklet:

Basically, save that as a bookmark open iCloud to your calendar and then run that bookmark.