Comcast internet FAQ communication case study

The Comcast High-Speed Internet website lists top customer questions as:
But actually, the most frequent Customer questions are:
  • Why does my internet keep going down? 
  • Why is my internet so slow? 
  • Why does Comcast have a monopoly in my market? 
  • What does "keep me signed in" mean?


    Google Tasks API case study

    This post is an update of

    Update 2011-05-12 the official API is now at thanks to Josh for the ping.

    There is no official API for Google Tasks at this time. But, below is full read-only access to all your tasks across all your lists. I am including a simple app that sends this to you via email (This mail WILL go to your spam folder). I have this running at home to automatically print out a copy of all task lists periodically.
    cd /tmp
    rm -f message; touch message
    curl \
    -d \
    -d Passwd=YOURPASSWORD \
    -d source=privacylog \
    -d service=goanna_mobile > token
    AUTH=$(sed -n '/Au/s/A/a/p' token)
    HEADER="Authorization: GoogleLogin $AUTH"
    curl --header "$HEADER" "$URL" > main
    for list in $(grep -o '"[0-9:]\{20,25\}:0"' main | tr -d '"' | sort -u)
    curl --header "$HEADER" "$URL?listid=$list" > list
    echo >> message
    title=$(sed -n 's|.*selected="selected">\([^<]\+\).*|\1|gp' list | head -n1)
    echo "### $title ###" >> message
    sed -n 's|\([^<]\{1,\}\).*|[ ]  \1|p' list >> message
    # This one below indents sub tasks but only works on Linux
    # sed -n -e 's/.* .*//p' -e 's|\([^<]\+\).*|\1|p' list | sed -n -e '/./!{N;s/\n/  /}' -e '/./p' | sed 's/^/[ ]  /' >> message
    mail -s "Weekly review" < message
    rm token main list message
    Notes for Mac: use * instead of \+,