Google Tasks interface case study

UPDATE 2010-09-20: New version at

Here is the API for Google Tasks. It only supports your default list and it's read-only. And for free, it emails your task list to you. (This mail WILL go to your spam folder)
cd $HOME

curl \
-d \
-d Passwd=YOURPASS \
-d source=privacylog \
-d service=goanna_mobile > token

AUTH=$(sed -n 's/Auth=/auth=/p' token)
HEADER="Authorization: GoogleLogin $AUTH"
curl --header "$HEADER" "$URL" > tasks

grep -o "\"\(name\|task_date\|notes\)\":\"[^\"]*\"" tasks > list

mail -s "Your tasks" < list

rm token tasks list

If you want to have that to run daily at 7am, save that script to ~/ and run:
chmod 700 ~/
crontab -l > ~/tmpcron
echo "0 7 * * * $HOME/" >> ~/tmpcron
crontab ~/tmpcron
rm ~/tmpcron

Update 2010-08-12: Made code a litte more readable, thanks to a note from Sandstrp, see comments.