Google security case study: Google Voice

Posted at we see a enumeration script run agains Google Voice. This method uses multiple requests to acquire all phone numbers available on the Google Voice service. Probably not an intended use of the system.

New product offerings are a black hole for exploits, everyone want to be the first one in before the hole gets so big it closes on itself. When making fixes to a large system like this, the rules are:

* Don't mess anything up or slow down the server
* Don't mess anything up or slow down the server
* Add features

The problem is, there is not adequate logging or analytics being performed on incoming requests to This isn't rocket science, we're talking about "someone just sent 10+ million web requests in a row... let's block them" types of no-brainers.

Maybe logging is expensive or maybe concurrency is an issue. Facebook's databases (last I checked) have a ratio of 10 reads to 1 write -- writes are concurrent, reads work off of slaves. If that's the case one solution is to vertically partition the system. Physically split the wire coming into the farm, use two web gateways. One gateway fans out to applications servers. One gateway fans out to analytics. Those functions are different, have different access needs, and databases can be set up to take advantage of that.